Roads program kicking into drive Aug. 7
Tilby will close to thru traffic; expected to finish in six weeks
City officials say Tilby Road will close to through traffic during repaving to speed up the project and make it safer. File photo by JAIME ANTON
NORTH ROYALTON – The 2017 Roads Program is expected to begin Monday, Aug. 7 and will include the closure of Tilby Road to through traffic for much of the program’s expected duration.

A pre-construction meeting with the contractor was hosted July 18 and all residents on the impacted streets have been notified of the project via letter.

Work on all three streets scheduled for repaving – Royalhaven and Parkdale drives and Tilby – will be performed simultaneously with crews rotating each step of the paving process through the three beginning with the side streets and then Tilby.

All three – being done as a single-pass process where the existing asphalt is recycled in place – are expected to take approximately five to six weeks to complete.

So, for instance, the contractor, Specialized Construction, will start by recycling in place the existing asphalt on Royalhaven and Parkdale, then Tilby. Each road will then undergo a seven-day cure process. Then a proof roll identifying any repairs needed to each road’s base will be performed and any necessary repairs made on the side streets followed by Tilby. The intermediate course of asphalt will then be applied to Royalhaven and Parkdale, then Tilby, and any castings adjustments made. Finally, the final surface course will be applied on all three.

“We are trying to minimize the disturbance out there,” City Engineer Mark Schmitzer explained.

He added it is uncertain whether Royalhaven or Parkdale will be first in the order rotation, but Tilby will be the last in each round.

The closure of Tilby, Schmitzer said, was a decision made with safety in mind.

“The reason we are doing that is because Tilby is pretty narrow, so we just want a safer zone for the contractor to get work done as soon as they can,” he explained. “We are minimizing the traffic to make the process go quicker.”

Signs will be posted at both ends of Tilby stating, “road closed, local traffic only.”

Residents who live along Tilby and its side streets will be able to access the roads as usual but are asked to use caution when traveling all three, in particular, with crews on the roadway.

These residents are also asked to avoid parking on or near the streets between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. for the 45 days following the project’s start. They will have access to their driveways at all times.

Council President Larry Antoskiewicz said it’s unfortunate Tilby must close to through traffic, but that it is the safest way.

“Hopefully people will have some patience, it’s one of the few projects where we actually have to close the road down and allow local traffic only due to the circumstances, but our first concern is the safety of residents as well as crews doing the work,” he said. “This will also allow us to get done with this project in a very quick and efficient manner.”

The precise closure date of Tilby is not yet known as either Parkdale or Royalhaven is first up Aug. 7, but Tilby’s closure to through traffic is only expected to last five weeks, officials stressed.

“Schedule wise, the work should be completed pretty quickly but it is always weather dependent,” Schmitzer said.

Mayor Bob Stefanik said the city is fortunate to be able to add Royalhaven and Parkdale to the repaving line up due to the favorable pricing of Tilby.

The cost of Tilby is approximately $500,000, and Royalhaven and Parkdale combined is roughly $400,000, for a total of $900,000 for the 2017 Roads Program.

“And this is all in addition to our crack sealing program that began in the spring and the joint repairs to concrete streets that will begin in mid-August,” Stefanik said.