Ripping up the Wynne government’s “fat contracts” with friends of the Liberal party will bring “immediate relief”, says Tanya Granic Allen, who is seeking the PC Party nomination in the new riding of Mississauga Centre.

“I made this very bold statement that I was going to rip up the wind turbine contracts because Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty saw fit to give very lucrative, fat contracts to friends of theirs or allies of theirs who are getting fat off the taxpayers of Ontario.

I will say no to that and that will bring instant energy relief to taxpayers and Mississaugans,” she told Peel Weekly News.

Granic Allen ran for leader of the PC Party, losing to Doug Ford, but gained a valuable profile as a principled conservative who clashed with previous leader Patrick Brown’s decision to cave on the carbon tax and sex education issues.

Mississauga Centre is one of three ridings where the party executive under new leader Doug Ford decided to hold new nomination races.

That opened the door for Granic Allen to run. She says public transit and rising housing costs are key issues and sees education as another important area of concern.

“In Mississauga where our riding is home to a lot of new Canadians, especially on the education file, Canadians want us to deliver

quality. I think that’s something that’s not happening. Parents are concerned with math scores. We have to make sure we’re improving our education, not stagnating and definitely not lowering or standards.”

Granic Allen has been a vocal opponent of the Wynne government’s controversial sex education program and is looking forward to scrapping it if Doug Ford becomes the next premier and she’s part of the government.

“Like most people in Ontario, I believe there are things being taught to our children that are simply inappropriate, that sexualize our children. I think the fact this curriculum was developed by a convicted child pornographer is quite shocking to parents.”

Granic Allen says the problem with the curriculum isn’t just what’s in it, but what is absent from it.

“There are a lot of things that should be taught in the curriculum.

Pornography is a big issue that we need to update our curriculum, it’s not mentioned once.

The words love and marriage are not mentioned once. So we’re talking about repealing the curriculum and replacing it with something age appropriate, that doesn’t sexualize our children and something parents are comfortable with.”

Granic Allen also wants to prevent any future imposition of carbon taxes from raising the prices of everything from fuel to food.

“If I ask somebody in the 905 or GTA, would you like an extra 17 to 22 cents per litre added to your cost of fuel when you fill up your gas tank, I’m sure they

would say no. Ditto with people in the rural communities because that’s what the carbon tax will do in about five years. So I hear, enough with the taxes. We need better fiscal management. Hopefully I’ll be part of the team with Doug Ford that will lead this province on a better track. I don’t want to saddle the next generation with this ridiculous debt.

We’re mortgaging our children’s future.”

Granic Allen ripped into the latest Liberal budget, which plans to run deficits for another six years.

“That’s not a way to run a province. I can get my six-yearold to do better mathematics than that.”

Granic Allen dismissed suggestions her “common sense” family values are old fashioned. She says her pro-family opinions are the same as many others in Mississauga and is happy to champion them despite what her critics say.

She’ll be taking on her PC opponents at the Mississauga Centre nomination meeting on Apr. 21.