To the Editor:
Because of term limits, the ballot on Nov. 5 will contain several new names. The results of that election will bring several new faces to North Royalton City Hall.

Our duty, as conscientious voters, is to cast our ballot in an intelligent and informed manner. These are the people who will be representing you and affecting your quality of life and finances. Do not take it lightly.

Those of us who will be voting in Ward 1 – the northwest section of North Royalton – are fortunate to have a big advantage in making our selection.

Jessica Fenos is the candidate of choice, by all standards, for city council. Jessica is intellectually mature, experienced in having been meaningfully employed in both the private and public sectors. She is a lifetime resident, a property owner, a taxpayer and is impressively knowledgeable about the state of our city. She is articulate, sincere and genuine in her desire to serve to keep our city moving forward. She is a wife, a mother, her ability is beyond question, and she is a poster child for Christian and moral social standards.

My friends and neighbors of Ward 1, before you cast your vote, do your homework. Compare credentials of candidates. Then, do the right thing.

We need to make Jessica Fenos our next council representative on Nov. 5.

Bob Jankovsky

Former Ward 1 Councilman


North Royalton