To the Editor:
For the last 12 years, Ward 1 residents have faced more challenges than any other part of the city and still do today. However, this Nov. 5, the residents of Ward 1 finally have a chance to pick new leadership on city council to improve things for their neighborhoods and their outlook for a brighter future.

As a member of city council, I look forward to having a new colleague that will not only address issues Ward 1 urgently needs addressed, but also wants to roll up their sleeves and get to work on moving our community forward for the future.

I believe that Jessica Fenos is the only candidate in this race that Ward 1 residents can count on to be that new leadership they are seeking on city council. She isn’t running to seek a title for a resume, she is genuine and is truly stepping up to be a public servant.

Jessica already has many years of experience as a planner and now assistant director for the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District, City Planning Commission member, North Royalton Community Emergency Response Team Member, taxpayer, homeowner, mother and wife of a North Royalton-based small business owner. All of this gives her the necessary first-hand knowledge to tackle the serious challenges Ward 1 faces with storm water, economic development and other urgent issues.

So on Nov. 5, vote for Jessica Fenos, a hometown leader with the right experience, dedication, and vision for a better Ward 1 and North Royalton.

Dan Langshaw

Ward 3 councilman

North Royalton