Mudinmar in Spain has joined EUROMOVERS, the global moving network. The Mover asked Grego Martinez, the company’s CEO, why, when his company is already a member of a number of other moving groups, he should join another.

Grego said that it was in April last year that EUROMOVERS member Fabio de Medeiro from Invictus Relocation in Lisbon, Portugal encouraged him to join EUROMOVERS. Following Fabio’s suggestion, Grego had a meeting with Thomas Juchum, EUROMOVERS’ General Manager, at IAM in Washington that finally made up his mind. “At the very beginning I was a little bit undecided, because Europe traffic was not our core business, but later I understood that we should boost Europe’s presence to guarantee our new consolidated shipment project in South America.”

Grego explained that his company currently sends and receives groupage shipments every week to and from all South American countries. “So, we need a big network that can help us with the origin/destination services in Europe.

To my mind, EUROMOVERS has an excellent ‘family’ network not only in Europe, but also they have members in five continents, so they can be perfect partners in helping us to grow overseas and within Europe.”

Another reason to join was that Grego was already working with some EUROMOVERS members so it was a good opportunity to strengthen the existing business relationships. “I liked the democratic way of becoming a member, because every member has the possibility to have the same rights and obligations, no matter if you are small or big, or a new or old company,” he said.

“The staff’s qualification and professionalism are the things that are really important, because they take care about quality and reciprocity within their members.

With EUROMOVERS we have more opportunities to approach big accounts and relocation companies.

Finally, EUROMOVERS’ members have a chance to collaborate as a procurement centre helping us to establish new contacts and to promote our ideas all over the world. I’m looking forward to meeting my EUROMOVERS ‘peeps’ at the next conference in Copenhagen in May.” 

"I liked the democratic way of becoming a member, because every member has the possibility to have the same rights and obligations..."
Grego Martinez